Monday, October 13, 2008

Is there any greater liberating force other than Islam?




Humanity from worshipping anyone & anything other than Allah

Nations from the tyranny of the likes of Pharoahs and Bushs

Man from the slavery of man

The weak from the oppression of the strong

The mind from polytheistic cobwebs

The tongue from false utterances

The body from selfishness

The soul from whims and fancies

Women from all sorts of exploitation

The worshippers from the clutches of priests

Societies from social ills & spiritual supermarkets

The Political System from the bottomless ‘sovereignty’ of man

Economy from the curse & disgrace of interest

Humanity from darkness with light

Science from fiction

History from concoction

Reality from superstition

Animals from human cruelties

The glory of Islam’s purpose continues..........

Islam has come to this world

to liberate

The desperate with hope

The orphans with care & comfort

The destitutes with charity

The wanderer with direction

The confused with consolation

The hate-filled with love-instilled

The widows with protection

The downtrodden with dignity

The sinner with forgiveness

The brutalized with mercy

The barbarian with civilization

The ignorant with knowledge

The wronged with justice

The tested with patience

The oppressed with compassion

The insane with kindness

The misled with clear directions

The agonized with peace

And above all, Islam’s purpose is ....

To liberate the Truth from falsehood …

…and to free the world from the misery of the law of the jungle



Luthfullah Azeez said...

It is excellent. It is simply superb. But at the same time it is very lengthy. It is very tiring. I see a basic flaw there.
The words are shallow. They lack warmth and any sign of life. There is no passion. They are icy, lifeless, frozen and repellent. Remember. Empty words without ACTION do not melt the soul.
It is easy to type those lines sitting in the comfort zones in some far away places like Kuwait or some sheikhdoms.
Come to Chennai. Come back to your home. Return to your city. Liberate the disgruntled youth of Dadasha Makan from the clutches of Baatil.
Liberate the unemployed from the gripping poverty.
How long do you think that you will live in this temporary world? Return to face the reality. Return to the ground. Don't live in illusory worlds.

Anonymous said...

alhamdulilah its gud

infas said...

alhamdulilah its gud

Anonymous said...

Good brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.