Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Missing Link

The Qur’an and Muslims: An Indelible Link

Attitude determines the altitude.
The way Qur’anic Commands are put into action determine the altitude of
one’s belief in the Qur’an.

Belief in the Qur’an, in fact, means…

· Understanding the Qur’an
· Recognising its Author
· Knowing oneself & one’s Creator
· Proclaiming the oneness of Allah
· Submitting to Allah’s will
· Pondering over the creation
· Developing Allah-consciousness
· Differentiating between
Truth & falsehood
Lawful & prohibited
Right & wrong
Good & bad
· Excelling in Good Deeds
· Fulfilling the Rights of Allah
· Honouring human rights
· Competing in Righteousness
· Enjoining what is right
· Forbidding what is wrong
· Pooling Human & Material resources
· Crushing the evil forces
· Exploring the universe
· Facilitating peace & justice
· Building relationships
· Proclaiming the finality of Prophet Muhammad’s Prophethood
· Striving one’s utmost to make the word of Allah supreme
· Travelling in the land drawing lessons from the history of nations
· Verifying news before communicating
· Fearing the evil consequences of one’s deeds in the Hereafter
· Nurturing humane values
· Purifying the inner-self
· Evolving a just world order
· Developing caring & sharing attitude ·

· Tolerating others’ faith
· Leading mankind from darkness to light
· Taking Prophet Muhammad as one’s role model
· Conquering hearts
· Establishing Islam on earth
· Living by the Qur’an
· Dying for the cause of Allah

What an insult to the Word of Allah should someone take for granted that the Glorious Qur’an is just for reading!
Moreover, how disgusting it is when someone should read it without understanding!

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